Meet up in the Meadow!

The Burlington Phenology Guild spent a wonderful Saturday morning in the meadow (or parade ground as it is called at Rock Point!) We started out by having some time to think quietly and ponder what was happening in this summer meadow place. Then Walter and Teage shared some thoughts about the ecology of a meadow and all the different relationships that were at work.

Guild in meadow
Guild in meadow

Teage challenged us to find seven bugs on one plant and see what they were up to.


Here Ross checks out what was going on with a spider and a wasp.




Vic Izzo
Vic Izzo


We were lucky that Vic Izzo also joined us for the morning. Vic is a graduate student at UVM in the Plant and Soil Science Department and has a passion for bugs! He brought a lot of cool equipment that we had fun with.






Here Tai is catching some little critters in a net.








We captured them in jars and shared our findings.



Vic later showed us how to kill a bug-and mount it—something that we didn’t want to do a lot of — but realized that it enhanced the study of bugs if we could see them up close—as you can see here!



The next Burlington Phenology Guild will meet on August 17. We will explore the shoreline! Stay tuned for information about paddling and other forms of transportation!

For more information/ or questions make a comment here or email us!

Attached is a flyer for the rest of the YEAR’s programs. Please share with your friends!

BPG Flyer

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