Integrated Curriculum Resources

Check out these articles and resources related to Integrated Curriculum

Peruse Educational Leadership Archives for articles. Search suggestions: integrated curriculum, James Beane, Gordon Vars, Learning Styles, teaching for understanding, multiple intelligences:

Peruse Connect Magazine Archives for articles on experiential, inquiry, theme-based curriculum–note that they almost always provide literary connections:

Check out my website at  See RESOURCES section for more to read about Place-based education and Sustainability Education

Edutopia has numerous resources for Integrated Curriculum as well as a short video!



Brooks et all “Spaces of Liberty”  Spaces of Liberty

Kielsmeier article on Service Learning  Kielsmeier SL article

Smith and Sobel “Bring it on Home” Smith and Sobel

Zull on “Art of Teaching the Brain….” Zull

The renowned Chicken article! Chicken Article

Interesting article on definition and current research–also presents the “models” of curriculum

ASCD gives you the first chapter of  their book: Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum by Susan M. Drake and Rebecca C. Burns. Great Resource. Not on-line but this book contains a chapter on Alpha–Vermont’s own famed integrative curriculum super-star!


RESEARCH Titles based on past year’s choices in GED 509

Authentic Instruction and Assessment

Arts/Creative Expression

Brain-based Learning

Democratic Schools

Differentiated Instruction

Education for Sustainabilty

Experiential Learning

Indigenous Education

Inquiry-based Learning

Learning Styles

Metacognition/Self-assessment/Self-directed Learning

Multiple Intelligences

Place-based Education

Problem-based Learning

Project-based Learning

Responsive/Multi-Cultural Education

Service Learning

Spirituality Education

Student Voice



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