Linda Darling-Hammond gets it right again!

I love this woman’s commentary. She always gets it right. I think the thing I appreciate most about her is that she sees the big picture–especially in regards to preparing teachers and how good teachers make the whole system work—and she totally gets the details of what a teacher’s life is like. The big picture of the educational system and the minute level of the classroom. A view of an eagle and a mouse! Check it out.

Teens in Harlem sing Gospel Music

What a sensational story about kids singing Gospel music. And it wasn’t an “everything is amazing and wonderful” story. Leslie Stahl did a brilliant job tracking down the personal stories of some of these kids in what I thought was a sensitive and respectful way. And it is one more example of what beautiful, transformational things can happen when someone believes in kids. Check it out:

Amazing video about youth voice

Ideas for student-centered learning projects

The writers of this blog suggest a lesson in which students are asked to experiment with developing their own curriculum. First, students make a list of the top 10 things they would like to learn, which they then share with their peers to look for similarities and differences. They then watch a video about a group of students who planned and implemented a self-directed learning initiative, before embarking on their own student-centered projects. Learning Network blog (3/21)