Exciting New Book from Center for Eco-Literacy

Big Ideas: A New Alignment with Academic Standards

This looks pretty wonderful–and what a rich partnership with National Geographic. Can’t wait to read it!

I don’t know about anyone else–but the “old” national geography standards published by National Geographic Society-called Standards For Life:

Geography Education Standards Project. 1994. Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards. Washington D.C.: National Geographic Society Committee on Research and Exploration.

are still the best example of how standards should be written for teachers. I appreciate the pieces of the Common Core and the new NGSS standards and new SS standards might be more “user-friendly” but they take away the intellectual creativity of working with the BIG IDEAS. This is how I think this new book will be so helpful. Center Eco-Literacy ┬áhas stuck by this view of the standards. and its available as a FREE download! Hooray for the folks at Center for Eco-Literacy!



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